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    UniMAP Uniciti Alam Campus at Sungai Chuchuh Welcomes 350 Diploma Students

    Padang Besar, 1 June – 350 new students registered today at the UniMAP Sungai Chuchuh Uniciti Alam Campus to embark on Diploma learning programmes at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) for the 2015/2016 Academic Session.

    Vice Chancellor Datuk Prof. Dr. Kamarudin Hussin said that the registration for six diploma programmes that were opened by UniMAP were the Diplomas of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Microelectronic Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering.

    He said that UniMAP has allocated 480 places for Diploma students and the number would increase from the 350 that had registered today after accounting for the second intake at the middle of the month.

    “Registration this year is very encouraging and I am confident that the Diploma Programme Coordination Unit (UPPD) will achieve the quota of 480 students registered this year.

    “Students who register today are the first batch of Diploma students to be placed in the Sungai Chuchuh Uniciti Alam Campus as part of UniMAP’s new initiative to ensure all Diploma students would be able to go to lectures and laboratories at a common location,” he explained in a statement here today.

    Previously, Uniciti Alam Campus had only housed students of the 15 learning programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering Technology (FTK).

    According to Dr. Kamarudin, the students registered today also included the 40 who were inducted via the “Jom Masuk UniMAP” programme that was carried out last April.

    He clarified that through this programme, UniMAP had offered places to students from low-income families with income below RM 3,000 based on their examination results.

    He explained that UniMAP’s efforts are part of its inititative to uphold the government’s desire to strengthen human capital in order to create a high income and highly skilled society.

    “The government hopes that the long term investment through this special UniMAP intake would be able to produce quality human capital to aid in national development into achieving Wawasas 2020.

    “In this regard, UniMAP’s initiative is real evidence that financial difficulty is no longer an issue that would dissuade underprivileged students especially from rural areas from getting an education at universities,” he said.

    Dr. Kamarudin implores parents to continue to increase passion and motivate their children in pursuing their new lives at UniMAP.

    “I feel certain that if parents were directly involved in the counseling, reprimanding and guiding their children whom they have allowed us to care for for the next three years, our wishes to mould these students as perfect human capital who could contribute to the Industrial Competitiveness and Development Agenda, would be implemented more realistically,” he said.